Full Stack Faith Meetups

A community to GROW together, being well rounded in both our faith and professional development.

Devscipleship Program

Mentorship that develops emerging tech leaders in both their faith and professional lives.

Faith Hacking

Full day events filled with HYPER-FOCUSED software and spiritual development.

Re+Sourced Program

A toolkit to EQUIP churches in their understanding of and engagement in the digital realm.

Faith Sites Program

Scripture driven software for a NEW way to think about church websites.

Founder Church

Faith Sourced projects are made possible by a generous faith flowing from churches like yours.


Stress Testing Your Faith

This past July my wife found herself dealing with a mysterious illness that perplexed even our family doctor. When her symptoms suddenly took a turn for the worse, the severity of the situation hit me hard. Why would God allow this? What can be learned from life's stress tests?


A Year of Quitting

One year ago, on April 7, 2019, a small group of us met in an old schoolhouse with hearts intent on quitting. You may not have been following our efforts very closely, or realized that we're a bunch of quitters. So we thought now would be a good time to explain everything in a bit more detail.


Debugging your Faith

As software developers, debugging our code is an every day occurrence. As followers of Jesus, what does debugging our faith look like? Even though COVID-19 has canceled our meetup, consider these thoughts on bugs in our faith.